A note from our Artistic Director regarding the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear friends and patrons of the Columbus Guitar Society,


I’m certain you’ve heard the news: coronavirus-induced COVID-19 is here.  Drastic, appropriate measures are being taken to limit contact via large groups of people.  Service to and enrichment of a vibrant and healthy Central Ohio community is the core of the Columbus Guitar Society’s (CGS) essence.  I don’t want to put the health our most vulnerable fans at any kind of risk.  Thus, with sincere regret and in compliance with the guidelines handed down by the governor’s office and an expected sustained moratorium on events hosted by Capital University (and as you may have already expected), we have cancelled David Jacques April 4 performance on our concert series.  Know that I am in routine conversation with David and anticipate rescheduling his historic program in the 2020–21 season.  Also know that staff time at Capital University is currently limited.  Scheduling and announcing our 2020–21 season may be delayed as a result.


If you have already purchased a ticket to David’s performance, I can envision several alternative approaches:


·        Simply hold you ticket.  It will be honored for admission to any of our future concerts.

·        We are a tiny volunteer organization with the smallest budget imaginable to present you with quality programming.  Especially for our subscribers, consider donating the value of your already-purchased ticket. Your tax-deductible ticket donation helps support the CGS sustain our quality programming into the future.  If you’d like your donation to be acknowledged, please contact me directly; I will see that your generosity is recognized in the coming season’s concert programs.

·        Seek refund.  Depending on at what time you purchased the ticket (subscribing or recent individual sale) we may need to coordinate your refund with CAPA.  If your ticket was issued by TicketMaster, bring to a future CGS concert or contact me to coordinate your refund.  If your ticket was issued by CbusArts, that will require a little more coordination with our partners at CAPA.  Please be patient as crisis status ultimately subsides.


In addition, if you had planned to attend the fund-raiser concert by the CGS members ensemble scheduled for this very Sunday, March 15, that falls very solidly within Capital’s initial event moratorium and has been cancelled.  We do expect to bring you a satisfying ensemble program as summer ends and autumn approaches.


Our monthly meetings—held at 1:00 pm on the third Saturday of every month, including as scheduled for March 21st, at the Bexley Starbucks on Main—tend to be very small affairs.  At present, I am expecting to still host that meeting because (1) our meeting attendance tends to be so small and (2) people may feel a need for a little human camaraderie through live music.  Those plans may change with very short notice.  Starbucks’ staff will be kept informed of any change in plans.


Please be patient and charitable with us, all performing-arts organizations, and especially with self-employed musicians who depend upon gig income to make a living.  As the crisis subsides (and it will), please continue to support live music and musicians through your patronage.  These will be trying months, and your understanding and support are sincerely appreciated.



Eugene Braig



Eugene C. Braig IV

Artistic Director

Phone: 614-561-9204

e-mail: eugene@columbusguitarsociety.org


The Columbus Guitar Society

Capital University, Conservatory of Music

1 College & Main

Columbus, OH 43209




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